Sunday, March 5, 2017

That Time I Wore a Surgical Mask in Japan

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I've posted on my blog.  I'm actually making an effort to try and get more posts up both on my blog and my vlog on Youtube.  I put up a video last week, but as it seemed to say everything, I didn't see the need to write a post about it as well.

You can check out that video about my new direction HERE.

This week's post is about my first experience wearing a surgical mask in Japan.  I had come down with the flu but needed to go out in public.  I didn't want to get kicked off the train, so my solution was to wear a mask and keep my germs to myself.  Yes, I know...sharing is caring.  But there are just some gifts people don't want to receive.

You can check out my experience with masks HERE.

Some displays of masks and "accessories".  
You'll notice they're basically all white.  I've seen some black ones, but very rarely.  The patterned ones were all for little kids.  ::pouting::  I would totally rock Hello Kitty or smiley face masks!!

I also found the solution to my glasses problem!!  These little foam pieces were at a 100 yen shop.  You put them in the top of your mask and somehow it's supposed to keep your glasses from fogging up...or "anti glasses dim" as it's apparently called.

 I also noticed towards the end of the day my mask took on a slightly funky smell.  Maybe I was smelling my own breath?  In which case I need to invest in more tic tacs.  Or I just spray my mask with chemicals and inhale those instead.

And thus ends my first foray into surgical masks in Japan.  I know I have a lot to learn and maybe down the line there will be an update on the culture of masks.  I hope you enjoyed it!

**Please note: All photos are property of Kira Zebroski**

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